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LTTA in Stratoni

In 19th till 23th of June, the GOTHEN consortium had the most amazing time in Stratoni for the testing of the training: GO LOCALS!

GOTHEN is on Instagram!

GOTHEN is on Instagram

Let us introduce you to the most inspiring Instagram in Europe. Twenty volunteers from all around Europe have shared their experiences on ESC program. Everyone has a different story to tell, but all of them they have something in common. The love for ESC and the skills, memories it offered them.

Those videos are published in our Instagram page with the aim to inspire and motivate the public to do the big step, and apply for ESC program.

Moreover, in our page you can see the overview of the project and have an interaction relation with us!

So, if you want to keep up with GOTHEN project and don’t lose any news, follow us.

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Second partners’ meeting in Cluj


On 10th and 11th of January 2023, partners from Italy, Romania, Greece and Cyprus had a very successful and creative meeting in Cluj Napoca, Romania. On a very productive first day of the meeting, partners went through the important details for the project progress. Some topics that were discusses was the finalization of the “Volunteer talks” videos and the “Solidarity hub” as well. Moreover, partners were excited to start the second project result about the training strategies “Go Locals”. After brainstorming, everyone agreed on deadlines and the context area. The first day of the meeting concluded with a tour in the city of Cluj. On the second day of the meeting, the ESC advisor platform was presented and partners gave the feedback and their new ideas, in order to reach the final format. All partners were excited about the design and looking forward to share it with public.

Keep updated with the last news in GOTHEN website and follow us on Instagram.

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GOTHEN kick-off meeting in Italy

On the 7th and 8th of June, has been completed with success the kick off meeting of the project GOTHEN in Bari, Italy. Partners had the opportunity to get to know each other and set the baseline for professional and constructive cooperation to deliver high-quality services for the implementation of the project.

During the 2-day productive meeting, we discussed the details regarding the overall project management, financial management, implementation steps, dissemination activities, and procedures for the project’s quality assurance. Partners agreed on the priorities and responsibilities of each stakeholder, while they set the timeline for each intellectual output and intermediate tasks.

Following this fruitful meeting, partners returned to their countries safe and pleased, promising to do their best to prepare the following steps for GOTHEN, and promote it in their social circle.

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